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  • skylt-austria
    Zugelassen in EU, Schweiz und Norwegen, mit COC (certificate of conformity) zertifizierung, e-typgenehmigung (homologation)

    Approvato nell’ue, Svizzera e Norvegia, con COC (certificato di conformità) certificazione, approvazione e-tipo (omologazione).


    Godkjentet i EU, Sveits og Norge, med COC (certificate of conformity) certifikasjon, e-typ godkjennelse (homologering).


    Aprobado en la UE, Suiza y Noruega, con certificación de COC (certificado de conformidad), aprobación de e-type (homologación).

  • skylt-sverige
    Approved in EU, Switzerland and Norway, with COC (certificate of conformity) certification, e-typ approvel (homologation).


    Approuvé en UE, Suisse et Norvege, avec certification COC (certificat de conformité), homologation e-type (homologation).


We are Hogtech

One of Europe’s leading custom frame manufacturers and bike builder proudly presents the motorcycle:


A Long, Lean & Clean Swedish Style Chopper with E-Type approval.


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Our store is under construction.
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